Avoid Needing a Tow Truck or Towing Your Car

Hands of car driver on steering wheel

Keep Your Car on the Road Longer Helpful Tips

Prioritize staying off the phone to help prevent accidents and the need for a tow truck service.

Never set keys down in a car, especially in the trunk! Help prevent needing lockout service.

Maintain your tires more often than you think to help prevent tire change service.

Refuel at 1/4 tank rather than on empty to help prevent needing fuel delivery.

Service and maintain vehicles regularly to help prevent towing a breakdown. 

Service Do's: Check your oil dipstick, even though cars are smarter and fancier.

Service Do not: Ignore changing oil within the specified time frames consistently.

Service Do's: Visually inspect your tires every 6 months. Maintain air pressure. Rotate.

Service Do not: Neglect tires until they are visibly underinflated. At a point, they become dangerously low.

Service Do's: Check your spare tire air pressure annually. All tires lose pressure over time.

Service Do not: Drive on your spare tire for longer than necessary. Typically, 50 - 60 mile maximum.

  • Won't the key turn in the ignition?
    Relieve pressure from the steering wheel. Turn the steering wheel left and right while turning the key to the on position.
  • Will the car not unlock with the remote/key fob?
    Use the mechanical key hidden inside the key fob, the keyhole hidden in the door handle. Replace the battery in the key fob. Have a spare key.
  • Cannot remove the key from the ignition?
    Make sure the car is fully in [P] park. Ensure the shifter is not restricted from fully engaging the park selection.